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Monday, May 19, 2008


It was so nice this weekend that we spent a bunch of time outside doing yardwork and having a bit of fun with Leland. I got some pics of the yard as it is now but I think I missed a few when I uploaded them so I'll save those until I get get the rest uploaded. For now, some fun pics of Erich and the puppy chasing each other around the yard:)

Play time?
Play time! 5/18/08

More play time! 5/18/08

Had enough?
Play time over 5/18/08

Play time's over!
Play time's really over! 5/18/08

I got some more stitching time on Kaleidoscope Sunday afternoon and this morning so maybe I'll post another pic of that soon too. I really like how the colors are showing up on this fabric and it's stitching up fast too!

Hopefully this week will go smoothly and quickly but probably not. A friend of the family passed away after a long battle with cancer on Sunday and we'll be attending the viewing and funeral later this week which is probably going to push my second interview over into next week but this is much more important and the recruiter was really good about it. Vacation is in 11 days and counting and I can't wait! It seems though that the closer we get, the more there is to do.

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Suzanne said...

Gosh, the pup sure has grown!!!! Suz