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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

9 days and counting...

til vacation:) I'm not sure I mentioned where we're going but we'll be spending the first week in June with Erich's family here. Emerald Isle just sounds like a lovely place and I don't know how we'll have a bad time (as long as everyone behaves) in such a gorgeous rental! I've never seen the ocean so I'm particularly excited to be spending time here.

It wasn't until I was doing some Google and Mapquest searches the other day that I realized exactly how tiny this strip of land is and how much water is going to be around us! Not sure if this link will work or not but yup, that's us- two streets wide and water all around. Just hoping the weather plays nice.

Not sure what everyone else has in mind for the week (there'll be close to 20 of us) but Erich and I intend on exploring Beaufort and all the Blackbeard stuff there as well as a cool-sounding ghost tour. I'm hoping for some time to relax on the beach too. There is one set event for the last day we'll be there- a big graduation party for Erich's cousin who is graduating from nursing school so that should be fun.

Now to survive another week and not completely lose it in the process!

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