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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I do still blog here...

...it's just been really, really busy at home. In a good way. Erich graduated from Ivy Tech last week so now all there is to do is take the certification tests and he'll be all ready to go as a mechanic. Then Spring weather hit and there's been all sorts of outside stuff to do or not because of rain. And vacation is coming so we've been trying to get everything prepared for that. Oh, and the recruiter I've been talking to about a very interesting position in a hospital setting called and got me an interview which was yesterday. I was incredibly nervous but it went really well and I will likely have a second interview next week which I take as a very good sign.

So computer time's been a little short lately but I have been stitching. Before I show pics, just want to say thanks for the comments on the last set of pics:) I forget sometimes that I don't really show pics of me on this blog often but it is nice to put a face to the bloggers out there. Anyway, I scanned Noah's Sub this morning and I think I've made pretty good progress for the stitching time I've had lately...

Noah's Sub 5/17/08

I really love the way this is coming together!

Oh, and I was a bad girl (or a good one depending on how you look at things). Last night since things are going so well I decided I needed a treat and started Kaleidoscope from Ink Circles. I really wanted to do it on 36 ct to make sure I got good coverage from the black thread but was too anxious to wait and get some so I ended up starting it on a piece of hand-dyed from my stash. I think the fabric shrunk just enough in the dyeing process to give me the coverage I want. I ended up choosing a piece of 32 count linen from Crossed Wing and the color is Stone which really made the colors pop on the floss toss so it should be interesting to see this stitch up. Here's what I got done last night after getting everything together and finishing off the ends of the fabric...

Kaleidoscope 5/17/08

I've been holding onto that fabric for a couple of years and Ithink I've finally found just the piece for it. Well, hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to do all the things I was supposed to do yesterday!

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Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I am also stitching Noah's Sub by Stoney Creek along with another stitcher as well too...so now I found out that there are three of us that is stitching this...YIPEE...I have a Blog and you can see my progress pictures of Noah's Sub and also Halloween Kitty on there too....here is the link for that:


Take care & Happy Stitching