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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Happy Dance..

...but not the one I was expecting. I haven't quite managed to finish the beading on Celtic Christmas yet but that's because we went car shopping last night and brought home a 2006 Honda Civic!

Erich's been wanting to get rid of his truck for awhile because of the bad gas mileage so we've been looking and found a good deal last night. He's already gone for work so I can't take a pic of it but last night we joked that his new car looks like the baby brother of my Accord-same color, similar interior, but his is just a bit smaller:) It almost didn't happen as the first dealership we went to (which had a car he's been looking at for a few days) had horrible customer service and we left after being ignored for about 20 minutes. Their loss.

We decided to drive by the local Honda dealership just to see what they had and our feet touched the pavement about the same time the door opened and the salesman pounced on us. He was a nice guy, far too honest to be a car salesman but I guess I'd rather have that than one of the greasy guys who takes advantage of you. That would be his manager's job and his manager was definitely one of those guys but we had a couple of things working on our side that we hadn't intended on but were nice anyway- sales tax goes up 1% in Indiana today so cars were marked down for a sale anyway, yesterday was the last day of the month, and we got there an hour before closing (because of the other dealership) so manager guy didn't want to play around all night when we decided to buy the car. He tried but we ended up getting the price we wanted pretty quick. It's amazing how the numbers change when you ask for your keys back! On top of that, the guy doing the loan paperwork screwed up one of the fees so we got a bit more of a discount since he'd already quoted the monthly payment to us before he realized his mistake.

So it's champagne-colored Hondas all around in my driveway now:) Off to give the dog a bath and settle back down with Celtic Christmas for the rest of the morning! I'll get pics of both HD's soon.

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Vicki said...

I hate the way car salesmen jump on you the second you get out of your car! One time, when we decided againt buying a car at one place, the salesman stood in front of our car when we had the engine running and refused to budge!