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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I meant to have a new stitchy pic up by now but I really haven't done much stitching since my last post. I finished my shift at work on Wednesday with what I thought was a normal headache but I was wrong. It seemed to be coming from the back of my head on the left side and at first we thought it was just a pulled muscle. I popped some ibuprofen and took a nap. No change and I spent one restless night in bed.

Thursday brought a more intense headache still with pain on the left side only so I called the doctor and they wanted me in. After poking around she decides that it probably is muscle-related and brought on by stress and sends me home with instructions on some stretching exercises, heat, and more ibuprofen. I go home and do what I'm told only to make things worse by stretching too far and now I'm in a whole new world of pain. Doctor's office is now closed so doctor on call suggests ice and Tylenol PM. All righty. Restless night number two.

Friday brings some relief to the neck pain and no good change to the headache and I'm scheduled to work a 13 hour shift. I'm beginning to suspect this might be a migraine based on the symptoms and the lack of relief from ibuprofen. A bit of quick research at work shows my symptoms match the classic migraine symptoms almost perfectly. I pick up some migraine relief tabs at work and get about 2 hours of relief. Very interesting indeed, except that the bottle recommends only one dose per day because of the caffeine content. Crap. Time to call the doctor again and tell them what's happened since yesterday. I should add here that I have never had a migraine before so I don't have migraine meds on my file. This is all an educated guess on my part. But back to the doctor's office-now they think it might be sinus-related and advise a cold and sinus med. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I have sinus problems. I know what a sinus headache feels like and this isn't it but I try a cold and sinus med to appease them. Sure enough, no relief two hours later so I call back again and leave a message. This time the doctor calls back and asks if I reallly think this might be a migraine. Yup, sure do. Finally, a prescription is called in for migraine meds and guess what- it works! Two doses later, the headache is 90% gone and I'm a happy camper. Still didn't sleep well last night but that was because of some soreness in my neck. I think I really did pull something else when I did the stretching exercises but that is responding nicely to heat and ibuprofen and I'm just about human again. So that's what I've been up to the last few days, how about you?

I will try to put up a stitchy pic tomorrow. I really should get Santa's Magic on the scanner. I've got about a week's worth of work on it from before the migraine stuff happened and I'm going to try to get a few stitches in on it tonight. Until then, happy stitching and thanks for listening to my rambles.

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Christine said...

Yuck, sorry to hear about the migraine, Sara! I'm glad you've got it sorted out now and I hope your neck feels better soon.