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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Furniture HD

First I want to say thanks for all the compliments on my QS Dragonfly:) I'm still pretty excited about it and now I've got the bug to finish off some other stuff so we'll see how much progress I can make before that enthusiasm fizzles!

Now I can really do the new furniture HD. Erich just called to let me know that it is all ordered, paid for, and will be here in 8-10 weeks. He went back to the store tonight to confirm the fabric choices and pay for the order. I found some pics on the internet so I can actually show you most of what we're getting.

We got a kitchen table and chairs which were not shown on the site. We weren't planning to get them now but happened to find just the right thing. It's a smallish counter-height table that comes with 6 chairs and stores its leaf under the table. It's really neat, the leaf folds up and under when you pull the table apart.

For the living room we bought a bunch of stuff but the room is large and kind of oddly shaped. The sales people were thankful that we brought in a drawing and some pictures. They suggested that we go with 2 sofas instead of a sofa and loveseat since the room is large so we went with this one in a chocolate brown. For throw pillows we mixed them between solid colors and patterns and got different sets for each sofa so they won't be exactly the same.


We also got 2 chairs like this for the end of the room that has a large window and they will be in a chocolate brown leafy/flowery kind of fabric that we're also using on some of the throw pillows. These chairs are actually recliners which makes Erich very happy!


And finally, my favorite piece! I have always wanted a chair and a half like this and we never had anywhere to put something like this at the apartment. This will be my upstairs stitching space and I can't wait to use that storage ottoman. We got that in chocolate brown also with a lighter-colored patterned throw pillow.


It seems like a lot of furniture for one room but my living room is almost 30 feet long by about 12 feet with a fireplace on one wall and the wall opposite the fireplace opening up into the kitchen so the long walls are broken up a bit. I wish they'd have put the fireplace in a more central spot on the wall it's quite off from center but can't do much about it now. The walls in both the kitchen and living room are a light sage green so we wanted fabrics to contrast that and not blend into the wall while still being kid and dog friendly. We're planning on putting the sofas on the long walls, the chairs at the window end, and the chair and a half at an angle to kind of close off the living room set from the kitchen area. We'll still need a few lamps and an end table or two but we figure we need to get this all set up first before we decide on those. That, and the poor credit card's gonna need a bit of time to recover with Christmas and all coming too.

Before I sign off for the evening I should also add that I can cross 3 more things off my 101 in 1001 list- #2 which was to finish a HAED QS, #34 which was to buy living room furniture, and #77 which was to train the dog not to destroy the house if we leave him out of the crate for a short time while we're away. Though for that last one, I still may have to train the husband not to leave his nice things out while we're away. He called tonight to ask if I'd seen one of his good sneakers as he can only find one. I'm sure the other's around somewhere though it may be missing a chunk of the sole. That pair of shoes is the dog's idea of a tasty treat for some reason, no idea why as he hasn't touched any other shoes since he was a little guy.


Cindy said...

Great furniture choices :)

Margaret said...

I love your new furniture! Also congratulations on your 101 progress!

Suz said...

I love your furniture - it all looks so comfy! (especially the couch).

I totally lof that giant chair - I'm sure your room is going to be GORGEOUS with all of that furniture.