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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Vacation Post

Happy Monday everyone! I actually had a quiet and relaxing weekend which is pretty rare around here. Definitely didn't want to come back to work today but bills must be paid:)

We went to my aunt's house Friday night for wine and "light buffet." We had a huge group this time, 15 all together I believe. It was a mixture of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and my parents and brother. Everybody brings a bottle of wine and a snack and we all share. This is definitely not for the delicate stomachs! There were about 8 different kinds of wine in addition to tacos, fruit, cheese and crackers, chicken wings, pretzels and dip, and a bit of chocolate candy. We're supposed to bring a kind of wine we've never tried before but sometimes other things sneak in too. This time we had Polish brandy that someone had given Mom as a gift which was truly disgusting and cough syrupy. By no means are we experts of any kind but we do have a lot of fun.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home watching football and racing. I got quite a bit of cross stitch in too. I was able to start Santa's Magic which brings me up to 11 WIPs so I should probably kill a few before I start anything else. No pics of Santa yet as there's just a brown blob at the moment.

I have some vacation photos to share. Unfortunately some of the places we went didn't allow photos so not so many from this trip. Some of the race pics didn't turn out so hot either since they were at night but we did get a few. The main place we went that allowed photos besides the track was the Country Music Hall of Fame which was really interesting. It had lots of listening booths and places to hear different music and lots of neat stuff to see too.

The Wall of Gold Records

Country Music Hall of Fame

Big Kenny's guitar and hat (from Big and Rich)

Big and Rich stuff

Hope this doesn't offend anyone but there was a Ray Charles exhibit which was very interesting and had lots of his belongings on display including the tuxedo jackets he wore and a piano of his. The exhibit had a small spot dedicated to special items he used as a blind man and featured several magazines in Braille and included this one...

Ray Charles' Braille magazine

Erich and I had to laugh at the thought of Playboy in Braille and that's all I'm going to say about that:)

On to the racing pics- Almost none of the night pictures from the truck race turned out but we did get a good one of the stage they use beforehand for the awards and driver introductions because we got to sit on the start/finish line! Probably the only time we'll ever get to sit there but we were excited.

Bristol Truck Race 8/07

I believe this one is from the Busch race during a red flag where they happened to stop right in front of us. Looks like a monster wreck though!

Bristol 8/07

And this one is the view we had of the track from our seats. I love it that you can see everything at Bristol.

Bristol 8/07

And that's about it for now. I do have pics from my recent biscornu exchange but they're still on the camera so we'll save those for next time.

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