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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble Update

Lots of pictures again today!

Last weekend was HAED SAL Challenge weekend and I ended up splitting the weekend between my HAED QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble and my new start, Santa's Magic. No pic on Santa yet as he's still only got part of a tassle and just the slightest hint of a beard but I'll get more done on him soon. As for the bubbles, here's the before:

QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble 8/17/07

And the after:

QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble 9/12/07

I also have some biscornu pics for you today. I've been meaning to post these for awhile now. This is the biscornu I sent to Annette for the exchange over on the Rotation Stitchers' BB. It's done on a lavendar hand-dyed fabric with Ruby (Caron Wildflowers). The design is an Ink Circles freebie, the September 2006 celtic knot. I stitched the design for one side and the inverse for the other. The light wasn't so great when I took these so the colors don't show up as vibrant as in person but you get the idea.



And here's what I received in return from Emmar! I got spoiled:) That's hand-dyed floss, lace, and a small Silkweaver solo in addition to the colorful biscornu. Thanks so much!

Biscornu Exchange


Christine said...

Oh wow, the biscornu you sent to Annette is gorgeous! I love how you stitched the inverse of the design. That's a great idea.

You made good progress on your bubble! I love the biscornu you got...very colourful!

Hazel said...

Great progress for your SAL. Pretty biscornu. xx

Mad Dixie said...

Great Biscornu, your HAED is coming along great