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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just stopping in to say hi and that we had a blast on Monday with my parents. We spent quite a bit of time with the Wii and I think my parents were quite impressed with the amount of physical activity the games require. We all played bowling and several of the other sports games and Dad surprised everyone with his awesome averages. I think a Wii is in my brother's future, probably for Christmas.

No stitching pics today though I have been slowly working on Polar Lights. Vacation pics are coming, I was finally able to get them loaded. I do have a Leland pic today though. It's from last week after my dear husband let him run around the freshly cut lawn...

Leland 9/2007

No question about what that puppy has been up to! Thankfully it wore off over the next two days and he no longer has green paws.

In other stitchy news, I did head to Walmart and buy some of their ridiculously cheap floss. As Erich said, it was just too good a deal to pass up so I went with his blessing and now have a Walmart bag full of thread. One of the cashiers I had was too funny (we shopped at 2 stores)- it was a younger guy and he just has this look of disbelief as he said "You just spent $17 on little pieces of string!" He just didn't get it and couldn't believe that anyone would pay that much for thread.

Also, I will have another new start soon. No, I didn't buy anything but the Mira BB is hosting a stitching contest and it gave me a good excuse to start Santa's Magic which has been in my pile of kitted projects since January. It was a goal of mine to start it this year anyway so all I needed was the motivation. My goal for the contest is to finish the hat, beard, and face which are a bit larger than I originally thought but I have a 3 day weekend coming this weekend so it'll give me a good amount of time to start.


Suzanne said...

OK, that picture is priceless - I'm LMAO over it! He looks like he's saying, "WHAT???!!!! You got a problem with me???" HAHAHAHAHAHA

Glad you were able to get a good price on the string! LOL Others just don't understand!

2 more days, then we are OFF to the race! WOO I'll be thinking of ya! Suz

Karen said...

Too adorable!!