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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble Update

I got a few minutes in front of the computer yesterday so I was able to scan my HAED QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble by Josephine Wall.

QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble 7/17/07

This is after the July SAL Challenge Weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get to scan after the June SAL but I can tell you that I've made quite a bit of progress. When I started I worked the background and finished from where the purple turns to navy and black (looks all black in the scan) all the way to where the black ends now. There's more black to come as it goes all the way up to the upper corner, I just got tired of it and switched to the confetti of the castle bubble for awhile. I'm a little concerned about the details of the castle but am hoping that those last few confetti stitches bring it all together. It probably looks better if I step away from it but it's hard to see as the piece is usually just a few inches from my face while working on it!


Arthemise said...

Ooo, it looks great!

tkdchick said...

Sara it definately looks like a castle from a distance! Keep working at it!

Hazel said...

That looks fab. Well done. xx

Karin said...

Wow - that looks wonderful - congrats.

Barb said...

It's looking great so far! Can't wait to see more porgress.