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Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Still Here

I'm starting to dig out of the hole I got buried in a few weeks ago. My blogging goal is to get some stitching pics posted sometime this weekend. I've made some good progress even though life's been crazy. Can't share all the pics yet as at least one piece is for an exchange but I do have some QS Dragonfly progress to share at the very least.

As far as life goes, things are slowing down again and becoming semi-normal. Erich's mother is still not fully recovered and now his father has caught it too, whatever it is. I caught it and was sick for a good 10 days or so, spending about 5 of those without a voice. It was icky and I hope to never get it again. Erich never did catch it and we're avoiding his parents' house for awhile to make sure he doesn't.

My mom's knee surgery went well and she's recovering at home. She'll probably be off work most of the summer but at least she'll have time to catch up on the crocheted afghans she wants to make:) Leland and I spent my day off over at her house yesterday and cooked a spaghetti dinner for my parents and brother.

Leland the puppy is getting huge and I'll have to get some pics up of him too. His breeder just had another litter which I've been watching grow over the internet and half-dreaming about getting him a buddy but I don't think I could handle another one right not! Leland's just now to the point where he's somewhat trustworthy in the house and doesn't need constant attention and I like having a bit of my freedom back. He's getting to be a lot of fun too as he learns how to catch things in mid-air and retrieve balls and frisbees and such.

That's about it for the excitement around here. June goals kind of went out the window but I'll be back with July's set soon and will get some pics up too. Have a great weekend!

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Suzanne said...

Good to see an update on you! Glad you are feeling better! We need some puppy pics! Suz