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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some pics

Wow, I just realized how close it is to the release of the last Harry Potter. Yup, I've read all the books and am a huge fan:) I'm planning on being at my local bookstore at the midnight release so I can pick up my copy of book 7 and probably the book on CD too. I'd like to go through all the books again one more time before I read/listen to the final one but we'll see if time allows for that or not. I mention it because I found this nifty countdown to the release the other day and added it to my sidebar:) Come on July!!

As promised I do have some pics to share today. I got my QS Dragonfly scanned and am very happy to report that I've made it over to the right half of the design. I may work on this exclusively for awhile just because I'm anxious to finish now.

QS Dragonfly 6/23/07

I've also got a few new Leland pics so that should satisfy some you for a little while! Erich took some while we were playing last night so I'm actually in them for once.

Leland and Sara 6/23/07

Leland and Sara 6/23/07

This is just too cute not to share. He was watching me stitch from Erich's chair the other day when I got this one:)

Leland 6/07

That's about it for today. Keep reading though, I may have some exciting news to report in the near future.

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Karen said...

Leland is so adorable! I could totally EAT him up!