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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Who's ready for vacation? Me!

Two and a half months til vacation- can I hit the fast forward?

Not sure how much I'll be around for a few weeks. Life's gotten a bit crazy and blogging may go by the wayside for awhile. Here's the short story:

-MIL's been in the hospital almost a week now with a nasty virus or bacterial infection. It has aggravated her asthma and she's having a hard time breathing. They've pumped her full of meds and she's slowly getting better. She may go home in the next few days but they're not sure yet. Even if she does, she's still going to be off work for awhile and will probably need some help at home.
-There's a big event going on at my store next Tuesday which I'm organizing and was supposed to work during so I could supervise but...
-I've been summoned for jury duty next Tuesday.
-And to top it off, my mother is scheduled to have a knee replacement next Tuesday. Can I clone myself? I need 3 of me!
-Oh yes, almost forgot to add that I've started some medication that is making me feel pretty crappy.
-And I'm also supposed to start training a new technician and a new pharmacist within the next week so I'm going to have to be on top of it at work.

It has not been fun around here lately. The poor puppy doesn't know what to do. We've been so in and out of the house that we haven't had our normal amount of time to spend with him so he's been extra cuddly and clingy when we are home. I stayed home yesterday morning before work just to give him some extra attention and will probably do the same tonight since I feel like I might be getting a cold or something like it again and don't want to give anything else to my MIL. Maybe I'll be able to get a bit of housework done too.

Stitching? What's that? Not too much of that going on right now although I am organizing a bag of small projects to take around to the hospital and the courthouse. I actually started my first biscornu the other morning while sitting with my MIL but not much more beyond that. I am going to try to get some in this weekend during the HAED SAL Challenge weekend but no promises. I'm seriously considering claiming one weekend evening as mine for sanity's sake. I'd love a whole day but it is, of course, a work weekend.

Thanks for reading the whine if you've made it this far. I promise I'll post again when I'm in a better mood.

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Hazel said...

Busy, busy busy!!! I havent done much stitching either - not that im busy just I have lost my mojo a bit. Take care hon. xx