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Saturday, May 12, 2007

101 In 1001 Days

Two posts in one day, this never happens!! I had to share my latest project though. I've been thinking about doing the 101 In 1001 Days challenge for awhile now and have been slowly writing up a list. A slow day at work has given me enough time to finish so I give you The Flamingo's 101 In 1001 Days. I've also added a handy link to my sidebar so you can check my progress anytime. Haven't decided yet if I'll talk about my progress here or on the other site, I'll have to complete some items and see what works best:) Thanks for checking it out!


Suzanne said...

Good luck in reaching your goals!!! I'm sitting her surfing blogs, waiting for the Nascar race...I think it's gonna be a late night! LOL SUz

Hazel said...

Wow that is a tough one. What will you do with all those finishes?? Thanks for tagging me - thats two peeps that have tagged me so I better get on with it. Im not very good at thinking about me lol!! xx