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Monday, May 07, 2007

Wedding Flowers

Thanks for all the lovely comments on QS Dragonfly, it's such a fun piece to stitch!

Welcome Jackie! I'm glad you like what you see, but I'm curious- how did you find me? Was it another blog or are you a member of one of the stitching BBs? I didn't see any contact info or a blog address.

I know I've been promising them for quite awhile but I finally have the pics uploaded and ready to go. Before I start, please excuse the less than stellar quality of the photos, this was pre-digicam. The wedding itself was lovely, it really was but I'm so glad it is over because my part in it was stressing me out! I think my friend (the bride) was pretty stressed too and would agree. There were all sorts of plans for the wedding flowers but they kind of fell apart so we had quite a bit of last minute work to do but they turned out beautifully and I think the bride and groom were very happy with the results so that's the important part. There is one that deserves mention but unfortunately I didn't get to photograph- the birdcage for the cards was gorgeous with yellow flower buds and white pearls decorating the base and curled ribbon, more buds and a butterfly topping the cage. The other bridesmaid that helped on the flowers did this as a solo project and she did an awesome job!

So this is how we started my part, flowers all over my living room floor (actually they really started all over another bridesmaid's floor but got moved to mine).

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

At this point the bride, another bridesmaid, and I had already done the preliminary work on the bridesmaid bouquets and had glued the major flowers in place. So we were left with the arch, finishing the bouquets, and the bride's bouquet which was sort of falling apart...

Bridal bouquet before

With some quick thinking, a trip to Michael's, and some help from my MIL, we ended up with a beautiful bouquet. I wish you could really see the detail here- there are loops of pearls peeking out between the flowers and white irridescent ribbon loops too. Those finishing touches really made the piece special.

Bridal Bouquet After

After a second look at the bridesmaids' bouquets and the maid of honor's bouquet that we worked on, we added some peach ribbon loops and short strands of pearls with little poofs of bridal tulle (I know, very technical but it's the best way I can think to describe them) and I think it really added to the finished effect for them too.

Bridesmaid BouquetMaid of Honor Bouquet

Finally, the arch was the only project left. We wanted to do a swag-like piece for the top that incorporated the bride's colors of peach and yellow. The bride had found a nice piece to start with which looked pretty promising as soon as I ripped out the fuschia flowers that were in it as an accent piece (it was a pre-done special from Wally World, I believe). MIL, bride, and I added yellow and white roses, several types of other flowers I have no idea the names of, long pearl strands and some extra greenery to hide the bare spots. It turned out great, but unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph it up close so all I have is the finished arch on the altar. The bride was very happy with it though, she said she was planning to keep it after the wedding and hang it in her home:)

Wedding Arch

So there's some pics of one of the other crafts I occasionally get to do. I should have a new QS Dragonfly pic for you in the next few days. I stitched quite a bit over the weekend and have finished the second wing. With a little luck I'll finish the rest of my page this week and start the right side of the design.


Carolyn said...

All of those bouquets & the arch are simply beautiful!! And all hand-made! Way to go. :)

Melissa said...

Great job on the bouquets, Sara. They're gorgeous!!

BTW, I tagged you in my blog. :-)

Missy Ann said...

Great job on the flowers, they don't look last minute at all. The bride has a good friend in you.

Melissas must love you, 'cause I tagged you too!