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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Goals

Well, April went by just as fast as March and here we are at goal-making time again:) Didn't get a whole lot done this month due to the arrival of Leland but he's been worth it. It's so much fun to watch him grow and learn! It's probably just the proud mommy in me but I think he's such a smart little guy- he can already sit, come, lie down, and he's working on speak and shake. He almost always goes to the door or the stairs to let us know it's time to go outside and he walks well on a leash most of the time.

Before I get to goals I have a stitching pic to share. I've been stitching as much as possible on QS Dragonfly and have made some significant progress! I just love this piece and can't wait to finish it and QS Believe for my craft room:)

QS Dragonfly 5/1/07

Back to the goals. Here's how April went...

-Finish current page of QS Dragonfly- nope, got about halfway there
-Participate in HAED SAL Challenge- Yes, I got a little more of the castle bubble filled in
-Stitch and finish project for Dragon Dreams Exchange- Stitched but not finished so that's a no.

-Exercise 4 times a week- If chasing and walking Leland counts then yes, but I haven't been able to Nordic Trak with him yet
-Clean up flower beds, pull weeds and dead stuff, etc outside- Sort of, I got about halfway round the yard
-Finish taxes and get the forms sent off- Yes.

Hopefully May will be a little more productive as Leland settles into a schedule...

-Finish current page of QS Dragonfly
-Finish Dragon Dreams Exchange project and send off by May 15
-Participate in HAED SAL Challenge weekend

-Nordic Trak twice a week in addition to Leland's walks
-Eat sensibly
-Finish pulling weeds and cleaning up yard- I'll probably have to do what I've already done over again!
-Get new screens for dining room windows- Our house got egged and one screen tore, the other was a bit torn up when we bought the house.
-Take recycling- It's overflowing! I wish our trash collectors would pick it up but this county doesn't offer that service.
-Get some hanging flower baskets for the porch- They're probably going to be the only flowers I'll have this year!


Anonymous said...

i wish i had a dog!
yah, i agree, you probaly do feel as if ur a mommy
(well at lease that's what i would've felt like...)
it's terrific how you have goals and you post them on your blog
I love your blog and your cute little quizs
keep up the good work!
I'll definitely be coming back

Carolyn said...

the Dragonfly QS is beautiful!! Its really coming along nicely.

Extremlygentle1 said...

Your dragonfly QS looks stunning, now I am seriously thinking about getting it. *HUGS*

Hazel said...

Dragonfly looks brill! All the best with your goals this month!xx

tkdchick said...

Your dragonfly is going to be gorgeous!

Good luck with your May goals!