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Friday, March 02, 2007

March Goals

February went by so fast this year, I can't believe it's March already and time to look at goals again. This month I'm not going to hope for too much as I'm in a wedding the third weekend in March and then Erich and I are leaving for a week of vacation either the same day as the wedding or the day after depending on what time the reception is over.

So let's see how February went first:

-Finish EGW- Yup, no problems there.
-Finish the rest of my QS Dragonfly page- Almost, there's a little bit left up towards the top but I did run over onto the surrounding pages so it's a close one.
-Finish TW's Nativity- Didn't even touch it! I told you this one's going to hang around awhile!

-Keep up on the exercising, aim for 4 times a week- No, but I did average 3 times a week so that's still pretty good!
-Keep working on someone to get the couch moved-Nope.
-Clean the basement storage room- No, about halfway there.
-Put Christmas stuff in the cleaned storage room- No, not til the storage room's clean.
-Clear the Christmas stuff off the porch-Yes.
-Start looking at furniture for craft room and living room-Didn't have time for furniture shopping, probably will put this off a bit to finish up a few other projects.

That was about what I actually expected to get done but I can dream, can't I? March is going to be busy so I'm not going to be too ambitious but there are a few things I'd like to accomplish:

-Finish another half page of QS Dragonfly
-Decide on a design for the Dragon Dreams Exchange I signed up for- It's got to be mailed in May so I'd better get going!

-Exercise 4 times per week
-Do our taxes, preferably before vacation

-Have a wonderful, relaxing week away from work while exploring Atlanta and watching Nascar:)


Polly said...

How long do you excercise for? I am trying to excersise on a Lateral Thigh Trainer and the excersise only last 20 minutes from start to finish. There is no cresh at the Gym that I am a member at :(

Hazel said...

Some great goals there. I really need more excercise!! xx