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Monday, July 08, 2013


It's time again to take a peek inside my ort jar. I'd like to say that since I've missed a TUSAL check in or two the contents of my cup have changed drastically but unfortunately all the tiny HAED stitches tend to result in equally tiny orts so most of what I have to show is a grey/blue blob...

TUSAL 7/8/13 photo 27b1f19993441852c27712c7247fbeb6_zps4cd461bb.jpg

The greys come from the endless floor of Dragon Master which has grown a bit larger since last post...

Dragon Master 7/8/13 photo 7435c8be4baa7bffddcc654625bff7a0_zps3f06ed91.jpg

The blues are actually from the sky of Dragon Moon. They should probably be under the greys but I just found them this morning in my travel ort container (aka ziplock baggie) when I swapped projects to give my eyes a break from the grey on grey stitching. I'll share Dragon Moon again when I have a bit more progress to show than the couple rows of blue I managed this morning.

Not much going on around here this week that is terribly exciting- mostly work, some housework, have to get my car fixed (just a safety recall, I didn't break it yet), plumber's coming to fix a leak outside, and then some more work. Next week should be a bit more fun though. We're packing up next weekend and heading for the Bristol Renaissance Faire with my brother. Erich and I have been several times and thoroughly enjoy it but I'm pretty sure my 17 year old brother has no idea what to expect so it should be a good time.

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