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Friday, March 15, 2013

March TUSAL, IHSW, and everything else I've been neglecting

How did it get to be the middle of March already? This year has been going by way too fast! So I've done it again and managed to miss TUSAL. I'm not too late, only a few days this time...

TUSAL 3/15/13 photo B2CA7905-3C19-4F8D-B714-7EBAC2FDB05E-17891-000010C59E75A13F_zpse3bca9a5.jpg

Not that you would know by my orts or lack of but I don't think I've put any more in since the actual TUSAL date. I think all the orts from this year are from QS Pirate Dragon which probably isn't helping my pile grow much since its all over 1 stitching.

The dragon has grown some since last time though, he's really starting to have a pretty filled in body now. I suppose it would be nice if he had a head too but that will be coming soon.

QS Pirate Dragon 3/15/13 photo B370DE3A-0AA7-4684-BFE2-FB701D22D464-17891-000010C5959861ED_zps98dec05a.jpg

So since I haven't been stitching, just what is it I have been doing you ask? Well, most if it isn't really all that interesting but Josh and I did help my mother put together a family dinner for my grandfather. Josh even helped Great Grandpa blow out his candles...

Great Grandpa's birthday 3/14/13 photo DE881D40-E66C-49CB-B218-BFD5DC0985C3-17891-000010C5A69EECBA_zps2d666494.jpg

So that's about it for now. Normal weekend plans for my weekend off- some visiting family, a few errands, church and pajama Sunday. We've started attending the Saturday night service instead of Sunday and it we really like it. Since all our running is done by Saturday night Sunday has become a sleep late, nice family breakfast, play/craft/watch movies kind of day. It's a nice start to our week and I think it's here to stay. It's pretty good for my stitching too, fits right in with IHSW which is this weekend too so don't forget to click and join or at least see what everyone else stitched this weekend.


Emma/Itzy said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Claire said...

Love the dragon.