WIPocalypse 2012

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February WIPocalypse

Thanks for all the kind words about my dragon, hoping we'll actually see his face soon! WIPocalypse time once again and I'm back with the one project that's been getting all my attention recently, bet you can't guess what! Never heard of this SAL? Check it out on Measi's blog and join us.

So the optional themes this month were Little House Needlework, love/family, and white/red. I'm going to stretch a little and say that my dragon fits all but the LHN- it's a labor of love for my son and I did actually put in a few red and white stitches this round. Close enough, right? Anyway, here's how he looked before and now...

QSPirate Dragon 2/2/13 photo C2A0EADE-7406-4DA8-8759-70457EDB34B9-1585-0000029B6B456C39_zpsc8cb47c0.jpg

QS Pirate Dragon 2/27/13 photo A58A7452-9D35-4086-8D50-7D9EECEA41A8-11478-00000B90E17CE576_zps819280bb.jpg

Sorry for the slightly fuzzy pics if you look at the full size. I've really got to start using the iPad instead of my phone for the pics. I think I originally said I was hoping to see the end of this page before the end of the month and there's no way I'll make that but I'm happy with the progress I did make despite all the time visiting Erich's dad in the hospital. He is home now, by the way, so we've got our fingers crossed that all will be well now. New goal is to have this done by the time I leave for Oklahoma which isn't actually until the first week of May so i think that's doable barring any more unforeseen problems. I've got half the current page and partial that I'm working on now and one more full page plus partial above it. There are some pretty big blocks of color once I get through the dragon himself so it should go fairly quickly.

Not too much else going on around here except that we've had pretty steady snow from the remnants of the storm that hit the Midwest this week. It's not enough to close schools but enough that I'm not going out today.


Debbie said...

Nice progress!

Emma/Itzy said...

Great progress!

Kasey said...

It's looking great!