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Saturday, December 27, 2008


I survived Christmas and it actually went pretty well. No blood was shed, the relatives all behaved and we had a nice family Christmas together. Our party on Christmas Day was very nice. Everyone kind of spread themselves out throughout the day so we never had too many people over at once and it was nice to visit with everyone. My little brother got Guitar Hero for Christmas so we had fun playing that, so much so that Erich and I found and bought our own games and guitars on sale yesterday. So much for not exchanging Christmas presents:)

I did get the promised pics loaded and I hope I'll make some more progress on my weekend off so maybe I'll have a few more by the new year.

First up, the TWCOE ornies I sent out-

2008 TWCOE ornaments

On the left is Holly and Ivy from one of the JCS ornie issues. I'm sorry but I can't remember which one or which designer at the moment, I'll have to look it up again! On the right is a TW freebie, the Father Winter ornie. And yes, that is a Halloween tablecloth underneath them. I was a little late getting taking my Halloween stuff down. Oh well, it was done before Christmas Day!

And these are the TW Beginner Whitework ornies I did for relatives this year-

TW Beginner Whitework Ornies

I finally found just the right charms for the center. The chart calls for a specialty stitch in the center but I tried to find charms that would fit each recipient- a snowflake for my mother, a turtle for my MIL, and a claddagh for my SIL. They were really happy with their gifts which makes me very happy too.

And finally, Noah's Sub-

Noah's Sub 12/27/08

It's coming along. I was hoping to be a little farther on by now but life's been a little busy. I think today is going to consist of Guitar Hero and stitching though so there's hope to finish that snake and get some sky done:)

Have a great weekend!


Karin said...

Glad you had a happy holiday and all the best for 2009.

Suzanne said...

Your NS is coming along nicely. Great ornaments too! Happy 2009 and I keep thinking next year you'll have a little boy or girl to play Santa with!!!! Suz

Karen said...

The ornaments are great! Glad you had a nice Christmas. I love Guitar Hero. I kinda stink at it, though, since I only play it with my nephew, and I don't get to play it often. ;)

Jo said...

Happy New Year!

Love your ornies (I did the Father Christmas ornie too)! Noah's sub is coming along brilliantly - keep going

Hazel said...

Great ornies!! I recognise one as one you stitched for me in different colours and I still love it. xx