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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to post and say that I'm still alive, just been busy with life and holiday stuff. I've caught a couple extra shifts at work recently and some of my extra time has been taken up by physical therapy. That was my MD's idea for a shoulder injury that's been bugging me for a while now. We're not quite sure what I did but I have a feeling I pulled or strained something playing too rough with the dog. He likes tug. A lot. Therapy seems to be helping so far though. Whatever works is fine with me, as long as I'm ready to carry around a little guy in the Spring:)

Christmas prep has gone pretty smoothly around here. Gifts are small this year due to the upcoming Russia trips. I still baked a bunch and that is being enjoyed by quite a few people. I did get the chance to finish the 3 TW whitework ornies I posted awhile back. I'll probably get around to posting pics sometime this weekend and I'll try to get a pic of Noah's Sub up too. I've made some good progress on that since last time.

We've got a busy Christmas Eve and Day coming up. Tomorrow I've got therapy first thing in the morning and then home to finish a few odds and ends and relax a bit before church in the evening followed by dinner and presents with my Mom's family and then off to see the in-laws for a bit. Christmas Day we're staying home and having Christmas Dinner for whoever shows up- likely both sets of parents, a couple sets of grandparents, and some aunts, uncles, and cousins. I'm glad I have a 3 day weekend off after that. I'm hoping to get a good amount of stitching time in and relax a bit since I have to work all New Year's weekend.

I hope everyone getting ready to celebrate has a very happy and safe holiday. Merry Christmas!

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Hazel said...

Merry christmas Sara! x