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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Skeleton Crew progress

Not exactly what I meant to stitch on this month but I got a bit burnt out on ornies yesterday and picked this up instead.

Skeleton Crew 11/15/08

Ornies are going well but can't show any pics of them quite yet. I think I'll put Skeleton Crew away for now and pick up Noah's Sub for a bit. Better get a move on with the adoption moving forward and all:)

We did have a minor delay with the adoption this week. We got all of our paperwork back from the Secretary of State's office and now it all has pretty gold seals except for our birth certificates. Apparently they will only seal state-issued birth certificates not the county-issued ones that we provided so we're in the process of obtaining those and getting them sealed. I am hoping to receive them early next week so we can get on with turning in our paperwork. I guess I'd rather have small delays and snags now rather than when we get to Russia.

Other than that, not a very exciting week around here. The weather's turning colder again after being fairly warm most of the week. Erich's working this weekend so I've got some quiet time to relax and stitch. I'm going to throw a roast into the oven in a bit since we've got Erich's parents coming over for dinner tonight, should be a nice time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Karen said...

Skeleton Crew is off to a great start! What fabbie are you stitching it on? Sorry about the delay in your paperwork. That must be so frustrating.

Karin said...

I love the way that skeleton crew is coming - great start! And I hope you get all of the paperwork in order soon.

Jo said...

LOVE skeleton crew - that's a great start. Hopefully the paperwork will get to you soon.

Karen said...

Tag, Sara! See my blog for details. :)