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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ornament Progress

Well, it is Sunday night once again and Erich is off playing role-playing games with his guy friends so I'm having a Girls Night In, well sort of- more like My Night In with the dog:) I'm trying to take advantage of the quiet nights as much as I can so I stopped at Subway for dinner and am already in my jammies. Thought I'd do a quick post and then settle down to some stitching for the evening. The ornie list for this year grows ever longer but I digress...

A few quick things to share before the stitchy stuff. First off, I'm very upset with the weather gods. There was actual accumulation of snow on my car when I left work this afternoon. I know it's November and all but couldn't we put this off just a few more weeks? A little closer to Christmas maybe? Oh well, I suppose Russia will be colder when we finally get there so I might as well get used to it. We did get the adoption paperwork off to Indianapolis and anticipate seeing it returned to us either very late this week or sometime next. It all depends on if they really take the time they estimated or not.

Okay, onto the stitchy pics. I've decided that TW's Beginner Whitework ornie is going to the family members I'm making ornies for this year. I'm trying to do a different color for each one and I've got two and about a half done so far.

Here's #1 which will probably be for my Mom-

TW Beginner Whitework Ornie #1 11/9/08

#2 will be for my sister-in-law-

TW Beginner Whitework Ornie #2 11/9/08

#3 will likely go to my mother-in-law-

TW Beginner Whitework Ornie #3 11/9/08

The colors on #1 and 2 are a bit off, they're a little more subdued in real life. I'm planning on adding the beads when I finish them and I know the middle is missing but I'm hoping to find some charms to fill in the space. If that doesn't work out I'll go back and fill it in with the charted stitches. There will be more and there are a few other designs I haven't shown you as they are intended for TWCOE so I'll show those off after the intended recipients get them just in case they read here:)

Have a great Sunday night and stay warm!


Karen said...

The ornaments are looking good! I can relate to having a "night in with the dog." My husband works nights, so EVERY night is a "night in with the dog" for me! ;)

Jo said...

Gorgeous ornies - I especially love the dark green - which thread did you use?

I've been stitching for the TWCOE exchange too - so also unable to show pics!