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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A few pics...

Just a few because life got in the way yesterday, but nothing bad. We actually got the rough draft of our home study from the agency. Yay, one more step closer to our paperwork going to Russia! There's a catch though, they're requiring a letter from Erich's doctor because of a medication he takes. Ugh, we knew we'd have to get it eventually but we thought we wouldn't have to provide that quite this soon and it's probably going to be a huge battle with the doc's office as they absolutely refuse to helpful in any way. Apparently getting a letter notarized is an impossible task for them. We can't be the only people to have ever asked this. We're so switching docs after this is all done. In case anyone's wondering why we didn't take care of this before anyway knowing that the doc would be difficult- the date on the letter can only be so long ago so if we get it too early it won't be any good by the time it is required. Speaking of notarization, that has got to be the worst thing about all the adoption paperwork. We have had more trouble getting people to notarize things than I thought possible- my job, Erich's job, the doc's office, the county recorder (points because they tried though, just got the wording on the statement wrong the first time). They seem to not understand that it's not a request, but a requirement for us. It's not that difficult people, just do it please!

Okay, enough ranting for now. The above is actually mild though as I've calmed down about it a lot since yesterday. I do have a couple of stitchy pics to share. First up, the rest of my Stitching Olympics prize from the August contest-

Stitching Olympics prize

I was not expecting this at all. Thank you very much ladies, it is a very generous prize esp when combined with the Dinky Dyes!

And now the stitching- I worked on Kaleidoscope a bit last month and am almost half done now.

Kaleidoscope 9/24/08

And here's a start on my 15-sided biscornu. Only a few motifs done so far but hopefully I'll finish this month. I'm using a combination of motifs from a free gameboard design and a Lizzie Kate freebie.

15 sided biscornu 9/24/08


Hazel said...

Wonderful goodies! Love your wip on kaleidoscope. Hope the docs hurry up soon. xx

Unknown said...

hi sarah glad to see you are one step closer :) loving the prize you received and your new wips well done!

Karin said...

Congrats on your prize - that's quite a haul. Good luck with getting everything notarized and finished up.

Barb said...

Great stitching olympics price. Enjoy stitching it. Your Wips look great so far.