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Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Goals

It's the first of the month already, where did January go? I'm not sure where it went but it certainly left winter behind! I've seen enough of the snow now and it can go away anytime and come back next Christmas. Anyway, it's time to talk about goals again so let's see how January went...

-Finish EGW-Nope, I got really close though. I have about 2 hours of beading left and will probably finish tonight.
-Finish 1/2 page of QS Dragonfly- Yes, the first full page of my working copy looks about half done.
-Take advantage of "Guilt Free January"- Sure did. I started Mirabilia's Titania, HAED QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble, HAED QS Dragonfly, Scarlet Wizard (Dimensions Gold kit). I had ambitions to start a few more things but ran out of time. I'll save them for later this year when I get bored.

-Begin exercising reasonably again-I'm averaging about 3 times a week, not bad.
-Rearrange furniture in family room-Nope, haven't talked anyone into wrestling the couch down the stairs yet.
-Get all the Christmas stuff packed away- It's packed up but not put in the basement yet. We really need to clean out the storage room first. Stuff just kind of got thrown in there at Christmas and it's a mess.

And for February I've talked myself into the following goals:

-Finish EGW-an easy one, just a bit of beading
-Finish the rest of my QS Dragonfly page
-Finish TW's Nativity- This one's probably going to take me a few months because I'm not sure I can work on it straight through. It's a great design but I started it before I got smart about stitching. There's not a lot left to stitch, just the border, backstitch, and some of the over 1. Had I started it this year, I would have done the border first, done backstitching as I stitched and picked different fabric to make the over 1 sections more uniform. Oh well, live and learn.

-Keep up on the exercising, aim for 4 times a week.
-Keep working on someone to get the couch moved. It really is a pain to do it, there's a nasty tight turn on the way downstairs.
-Clean the basement storage room.
-Put Christmas stuff in the cleaned storage room.
-Clear the Christmas stuff off the porch-got the lights off the gutters but it snowed before we got the stuff off the porch.
-Start looking at furniture for craft room and living room

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