WIPocalypse 2012

Sunday, January 28, 2007


We finally got real snow last night! It's snowed a couple times this winter and kinda coated the ground or snowed and just melted as it hit the ground but this time it's what winter's supposed to be. We got at least 6 inches, Erich says it looks like closer to a foot in some areas (he's been out a little farther from home than I have today). Sounds like a good excuse to stay home and stitch tonight. I'll try and get some new stitching pics up in a day or two.

And soon there will be good things to watch on TV too. Looks like CBS has finally put up the names of the racers for the new all-star season of The Amazing Race. Click here if you haven't seen them yet. Overall I'm pretty pleased. I'm not a big Rob & Amber fan nor do I like Dustin & Kandace very much but I'm very happy to see most of the others return. Sadly, the hippies are not returning, I would have really liked to see them take on Rob & Amber. I don't recognize some of the teams but I missed the first couple seasons.

My favorites this time around are Uchenna & Joyce and Charla & Mirna. I saw Uchenna & Joyce win their season and I thought they were a great team with an unbeatable spirit. I didn't see much of Charla & Mirna's season but enjoyed the episodes I saw and liked their attitudes as well.


Suzanne said...

yeah for the snow!! We don't have any yet :( But I'm happy for you! My DH loves Amazing Race too, he will DEFINITELY be watching! SuzinVA

Karen said...

I can't STAND Dustin and Kandace. I'm also not thrilled with Rob and Amber. The way I see it, they are trying to take their reality show fame too far. My favorites for this time around are also Uchenna and Joyce. I loved them the first time around. They were so supportive of each other.