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Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone getting ready to celebrate. Christmas preparations have been taking over my week so not much time for stitching or blogging lately but it's going to be so worth it this weekend when I don't have to run around like a crazed woman trying to clean and cook for Christmas Day dinner. My husband and I have a bit of light cleaning left to do and the cooking but it's a reasonable amount of work for the time left before Christmas Day.

Tomorrow my Mom is coming over to bake because her oven is not working. She usually bakes a lot for Christmas so she's got a list and we're also going to make our annual double batch of mini cheesecakes for my dad and husband and anyone else who can sneak one away from them. I'm going to try and do as much cooking for Christmas dinner as possible too as there are quite a few things on the menu that can be made a day or so ahead of time. It should be good fun. And, for those of you wondering just how poor Mom can cope without an oven at Christmas time-at least it's better than last year when my poor parents spent over a month without water because their well dried up and they had to have a new one dug. It was even longer before they could drink the new water because of the water tests that needed to be done. That all happened around Thanksgiving and we had to move the family gathering. Hopefully 2007's holidays will be less eventful for my parents.

Merry Christmas!


Christine S said...

Merry Christmas, Sara! Have a wonderful holiday!

Arthemise said...

Two women in one kitcher?! Good luck! :-)

Sara said...

Thanks Christine and same to you!

Arthemise-it worked out just fine:) We're used to working in the same kitchen though it's usually at Mom's house. We had more problems with the boys (Dad, DH and my little brother) wandering through and stealing cookies!