WIPocalypse 2012

Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's alive!

The computer is back. It's working fine but with better graphics according to Erich. He tells me it can run better games than before but I don't really notice a difference. Then again I don't play very many computer games. He, however, has hardly left the computer alone since the graphics card has been installed.

I made a decision on the Silkweaver order and placed it before I could change my mind again. Soon I should be receiving 4 pieces of fabric:

18x26 Winter Sky 28ct Lugana (Reflections-sparklies!!) for TW's Magical Night 18x26 Mountain Mist 32ct Lugana (Expressions) for Mirabilia's Titania
Custom cut Shadowbrook 32ct Lugana (Expressions) for Skeleton Crew
Custom cut Thunderstorm 32ct Linen (Expressions) possibly for Mirabilia's Fairy Moon

I really hope the colors work out right. Erich talked me into the Mountain Mist for Titania and it really did make the colors pop on the fabric viewer site. I'm excited about the sparkly fabric for Magical Night too. This will be my first time working on opalescent fabric.

As promised, here is a pic of the pretty sunflower bookmark my grandmother stitched as a Christmas gift for me. I really like it and will use it on the next new book I start.


Also, I have an update on English Garden Welcome. Haven't made much progress but I'm going to try to get as close to a finish as possible by the end of the year. Not much time left either!

English Garden Welcome 12-28-06

My stitching day hasn't quite happened as I planned originally today but I am planning on spending the rest of the afternoon stitching as I'm sure Erich will take over the computer as soon as I'm done. The painters are doing well, both our bedroom and the family room have primer and a coat of real paint on them and they look so much better. I'll have to take a pic when they're all done and we have the furniture back in. Getting rid of the red paint in the bedroom has made an amazing difference! It looks so big in there now.


Anonymous said...

EGW looks wonderful! You'll have it finished soon!

Barb said...

Your finish is pretty and the garden piece is going to be beautiful when done!. You have great progress on it.

Christine S said...

Oooo, the fabrics you ordered from SW sound fantastic!! I love the bookmark and think you can finish EGW before the end of the year (or it'll be your first finish of 2007)!!