WIPocalypse 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May WIPocalypse

Back after a month’s break and a trip to Celebration of Needlework at the beginning of the month. I had an excellent time and stitched with old friends and new, brought home some goodies too. Four days was too short though, there were still a few people I only got to say hi to in passing and didn’t really get to spend time with. Next year!

 I took two classes while there- a crown sewing basket from Simona Bussiglieri and a Battenburg lace angel with Sue Blomley. Both were amazing teachers though the basket will take much more courage to finish than the angel. Pics below of the basket model (mine is still in the package!) and my lace angel which is almost ready for decorative stitches.



 And onto WIPocalypse- I did pretty much what I hoped since I’ve been gone. I completed not one but two beaded boxes. One has gone to my Mom (who loved it!) and the other will go to my mother-in-law shortly. I’ll just show one since they are the same, design is by Katie Dean.


I pulled threads and started My Christmas List at Celebration. I found the perfect size cut of Silkweaver Chocolate Vanilla Swirl sparkly evenweave in my stash and changed a few colors around to brighten it up an extra bit. I’m happy with the results so far...


Since I’ve been home I’ve been alternating Christmas List with Coppervein and I’m so close to a page finish!


June goals- I don’t really have a beading project in mind but it would be nice to complete the green star I’ve got almost done and finish another. I’d love to finish another page of Coppervein and another page of My Christmas List but that’s a tall order with all 3 kids home for summer so we’ll see.

Can’t wait to see what you all have been stitching!


Terri said...

Beautiful stitching and I love, love, LOVE the beaded box!!

Michelle Garrette said...

Coppervein is SO cool! I'm glad you had a blast at Celebration of Needlework; I'd love to see more pics!

Anne S said...

Really lovely projects - I love the beaded box especially :)

vivici said...
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