WIPocalypse 2012

Sunday, August 27, 2017

August WIPocalypse

How did it get to be last Sunday of the month again? Feels like we just posted July yesterday! Lots has happened in the last month. Had a family reunion, trip to WI, another big family party, Josh went back to school and soon soccer and birthday/holiday season will be upon us. Can't believe we're about to have a 9 year old and not one but two 3 year olds in the house! Here they are last month at Mars Cheese Castle in Wisconsin.

Mars Cheese Castle 

On to the stitching. It feels like I didn't get a lot done last month but looking at the pictures I did manage some progress. First, a new start- Joe's Garage, a Mill Hill Button & Bead kit.

Joe's Garage 8/27/17 

Made the tiniest amount of progress on my chalkboard ornaments.

  Chalkboard ornaments 8/27/17 

And gave the Vervaco teddy bear a face.

  Vervaco Birth Announcement 8/27/17

Hoping to finish off Joe's Garage this month and maybe the Vervaco piece too. Fingers crossed the trio of snotty boys decides to camp out in front of the TV so I can get a couple hours in this afternoon before Erich comes home tonight. He's been gone this weekend for a gaming tournament and the boys decided to all catch the same cold at the same time so they could use a quiet day before get to Monday. Happy Stitching all!


Stephanie said...

Great progress on Joe's garage! If it's like my buttons and beads kits, the beading will be super fun and transformative. Very cute teddy bear too. Happy stitching!

Anna van Schurman said...

You got quite a lot done on Joe's Garage even though it sounds like you were very busy!