WIPocalypse 2012

Sunday, July 30, 2017

July WIPocalypse

I think I've got my photo storage and linking problems solved with Flickr, still a little annoyed at the lack of notice from Photobucket on their policy change but I'll continue on with Flickr for now and maybe go back and redo old links as I get a chance. Good thing is the old pics are all still there at Photobucket, the links from here just don't show it because they don't want to do third party hosting without a hefty fee.

Anyway, on to the check in since it is once again last Sunday of the month and WIPocalypse time. I actually feel like I accomplished quite a lot this month. I managed a finish and work on several projects. First up, I finished LHN's America for my Mom. I stitched on a scrap of some unknown evenweave from my stash with the recommended DMC. I was hoping to get it backed and finished off before the 4th but just haven't had the time or been in the right mood.


I was also in the mood to stitch over one so I got some work done on Coppervein too. I'm getting close to a page finish but the light colored confetti on the right side of his wing tip goes on forever.

  Coppervein 7/29/17 

The ornament pile grew a bit too with a few additions to the chalkboard ornament pile. Hoping that by starting early I won't be scrambling in December but I'm sure I'd get sidetracked at some point, seems to happen every year! 

  Chalkboard ornaments 7/29/17

And finally a birth announcement start. There's a little one coming in October and he needs some teddy bears so I'm going to give him a Vervaco I've had for awhile. I can't find a name for it but I've got the kit# around here somewhere if someone wants to try to find it. This is my second time stitching it so I converted the leftover kit floss to DMC and bought some ivory 32 count Lugano to stitch this version on.

Vervaco birth announcement 7/29/17

That's it for my July progress. Planning to continue on with ornaments and the teddy bears in August and hopefully finish the bears and replace them with Teresa Wentzler's You Were Hatched. We've got a trip to Chicago/WI planned in a couple weeks so I'll probably pull out some Mill Hill kits for the car that weekend. I've only got a bin full of them waiting to be stitched so not too many to choose from! With the trip and school and soccer starting up again August is looking like a busy month already. Hope you all are having a good and stitchy Summer too.


Sandy said...

You've made wonderful progress on your projects. Have a good time in Chicago, I'm flying through there on my way to MI this week :) So will see LOTS of the airport and nothing else.

cheryl said...

Love your "America" finish and Chalkboard Ornaments! Nice progress this month.