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Thursday, January 09, 2014

January Turtle Trot

As promised there WILL be more frequent posting here this year! I've signed up for an extra SAL to help me out with that as well as keep my goals moving along. So let's get on with the Turtle Trot, hosted by Claudette over at BAP Attack. This SAL has stitchers pick 10 projects they want to make progress on and post their work by the 10th of the month. This one really appeals to me since I've got some BAPs that truly are coming along at turtle's pace so hopefully I can speed them up this year! Since I didn't participate last year I will start with some before pics of my choices this month. I've got a bit of obligation stitching to finish up (the seemingly endless birth teddy bear announcements) so progress might be a bit slow to start but hopefully will pick up soon. But back to that starting lineup...

Polar Lights Sampler
Polar Lights Sampler 12/27/12 photo 2ac5ab3b-3103-49a3-82f3-a851138380df_zps470b88fd.jpg

QS Pegasus and Castle Sampler
QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble 1/9/12 photo 2748015310079669297uYxrbM_fs_zps632fd5ea.jpg

Fish City
Fish City 8/30/12 photo 2377497240079669297uZKwUO_fs_zps3c983975.jpg

Garden of Wishes
Garden of WIshes 1/1/12 photo 2514631470079669297ZCKhto_fs_zpsab9d9f3e.jpg

Dragon Moon
Dragon Moon 7/23/13 photo 9d8e0e0d813d3468e67aa81604c505d7_zps2083d1a9.jpg

Watergarden 6/5/12 photo 2738318410079669297ZrfROQ_fs_zpse977e4e0.jpg

Fantasy Triptych
Fantasy Triptych 7/30/13 photo 36a58f979644a55db8ca093b19597bcc_zps517b1d17.jpg

Dragon Master
Dragon Master 12/26/13 photo CD39DCC7-4BBF-4A3E-836C-D9B37CF367AD_zpsnqgqdxq1.jpg

Space Traveler
Space Traveler 1/7/14 photo 5AE64BBE-CC34-4183-AF4B-B3A195BACCBF_zpsibnvvrrx.jpg

And last but not least is Flower Power which is a slow work in progress and I don't have a pic yet as I'm actually still gathering a few supplies and haven't started stitching yet. I intend to before year's end though!

So that's my Turtle Trot. Apologies if the thumbnails look a little weird. Photobucket has been doing something strange to my recent thumbnails but the full size pics look great, I promise! The next couple weeks are a little hectic in my house by the look of the calendar but I'll try to get back as often as I can and I'm definitely looking forward to reading everyone else's blogs and leaving some comments.

One last thing-Don't forget sign ups are still going on for the Grow Your Blog party, just click the pretty flowery button on my sidebar to get signed up before January 15!


Anne said...

Love to see later how they are coming along! I have a Few too! Lol

Faith... said...

Those are some wonderful picks Sara and I LOVE Watergarden - so pretty!!Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh you have picked what I think will be my next TW start.... like in a few years Fantasy Tryptich!

CJ said...

Very ambitious projects. Good luck with the Turtle Trot.


Basia said...

Great projects, I love both Chatelaines. Good luck with the Turle Trot :)

Lindsey said...

Awesome stuff! Good luck with the turtle trot!

Patty said...

Love Fish City! Have fun with TT.

Shebafudge said...

What wonderful projects on your list. Good luck with them and I look forward to seeing your progress on them Sorry I am way behind on blog reading.