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Thursday, December 26, 2013

WIPocalypse wrap up and some 2014 SAL plans

 photo 81C760DA-492F-4562-AB1F-518BDB477A61_zpsguy7gxw1.jpg

Another Christmas has come and gone and the little guy and I are taking an afternoon to recover at home before we get back to the normal work schedule so I thought I'd catch up on blogging and I owe a WIPocalypse post so here I am. It was a lovely Christmas by the way, lots of family and friends and presents and general happiness though not many pictures. Too much time enjoying the holiday I guess:) Anyway, my goal this year was pretty open, mostly to work on the WIPs and not increase their number. Oh and finish the Pirate Dragon which I did so that's one goal made. I did pretty well on the other one, didn't get around to as many WIPs as I'd have liked but I didn't make any more BAP starts either so that's good. For the most part I finished all the smalls I started too so I'm pretty happy with my stitching basket as we get ready to leave 2013 behind. Here's where I stand on WIPs (at least the ones that got a little love this year)...

Dragon Moon 1/1/12 photo 2890380200079669297uUFQHm_fs_zps9eecd180.jpg

Dragon Moon 7/23/13 photo 9d8e0e0d813d3468e67aa81604c505d7_zps2083d1a9.jpg

Fantasy Triptych 6/14/12 photo 2880927300079669297FsRBNo_fs_zps7303aff8.jpg

Fantasy Triptych 7/30/13 photo 36a58f979644a55db8ca093b19597bcc_zps517b1d17.jpg

QSPirate Dragon 2/2/13 photo C2A0EADE-7406-4DA8-8759-70457EDB34B9-1585-0000029B6B456C39_zpsc8cb47c0.jpg

QS Pirate Dragon 6/5/13 photo image_zps8dd4f5db.jpg

HAED Dragon Master fabric photo 099DF595-C105-4548-9579-C1E6C8873E0D-7100-000005AF6AA260E3.jpg

Dragon Master 12/26/13 photo CD39DCC7-4BBF-4A3E-836C-D9B37CF367AD_zpsnqgqdxq1.jpg

There was no progress made on Nativity, Polar Lights Sampler, QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble, Fish City, Watergarden, Garden of Wishes, or The Storyteller but I'm going to try hard to hit each one next year.

So outside of the WIP work there were some finishes too...

A Spirited Mandala cube 9/9/13 photo null_zpse4244db4.jpg

LHN Little Sheep Virtues Love pillow 10/1/13 photo null_zps25eb3e52.jpg

LHN Little Sheep Virtues Hope 12/9/13 photo 03FC6D37-A8C1-4700-B72C-E8D4034B4C53_zpsl5qjmt2b.jpg

My Favorite Teddy by Vervaco Finish #1 photo F7726960-BE44-46BE-9BBD-7946DDB1F6D0_zpsw3qz3ddt.jpg

My Favorite Teddy by Vervaco Finish #2 photo 6F2FE227-2092-46FB-8208-CD135F549276_zpsxfswacj9.jpg

Foxwood Crossing Sleds 12/9/13 photo 09C18C2D-7A6E-4785-9993-17F6C77EA0FC_zpswy4zc9g7.jpg

LHN Little Sheep Virtues Peace 12/10/13 photo 009C96EE-8CB5-4EDA-B2E8-C0BCB7131224_zpszwxh1gx4.jpg

I will be signing up for the WIPocalypse SAL again in 2014 along with TUSAL, IHSW whenever I can, and I was contemplating the Turtle Trot as it seems fitting for the amount of BAPs I've got! As we're still in baby waiting mode (though we might have some exciting and probably unexpected by you news by Spring) I think I'm going to stick to working on the WIPs for the most part with some smalls thrown in here and there. I do have one, maybe two, planned starts for New Years and I'll show that off when I get it all kitted up as well as one more birth announcement so finishing #3 and stitching #4 will be my first priority in the new year then it's freedom for whatever so I'm going to try to dig out the neglected WIPs from last year. I do have my eye on some smalls as well, particularly some more of the LHN sheep virtues and one of everything from Country Cottage Needleworks (they're my new favorite) but especially that Frosty Forest series. We'll see how it goes, I try but somehow plans seem to go out the window around here after awhile.

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Sandy said...


Can't what to see your progress in 2014 and your new projects. While I think my projects are BAP, they pale in comparison to your.