WIPocalypse 2012

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July WIPocalypse

Meant to get a post in between TUSAL and WIPocalypse but didn't quite make it. I have been stitching though and actually have 3 WIPs to show off progress on since last time. First up, Dragon Master which is still sadly just a small stretch of floor but it is growing. Here's a before/after with a regular sized highlighter thrown in for scale...

Dragon Master 6/25/13 photo null_zpsca24b6fa.jpg

Dragon Master 7/8/13 photo 7435c8be4baa7bffddcc654625bff7a0_zps3f06ed91.jpg

Dragon Moon is next. Almost to the top of the first column on this one!

Dragon Moon 5/15/13 photo 6759e92f-29b7-44ba-8d93-96830bc719eb_zpsfa503fa2.jpg

Dragon Moon 7/23/13 photo 9d8e0e0d813d3468e67aa81604c505d7_zps2083d1a9.jpg

Finally, I've been stitching on Teresa Wentzler's Fantasy Triptych most recently. This one is destined to live above my bed someday. Oh, and in case you're not familiar with the WIPocalypse SAL- click and learn and don't forget to sign up too!

Fantasy Triptych 6/14/12 photo 2880927300079669297FsRBNo_fs_zps7303aff8.jpg

Fantasy Triptych 7/23/13 photo 7a6614666af18ff2b6c90397808804c6_zps2561bf1b.jpg

in other stitchy news, I picked up the JCS special Halloween issue and Cross Stitch & Needlework's Halloween issue at The local bookstore today. I've only had a chance to glance through so far but the Ink Circles mandala and Drac in the box are calling my name loudly already! Might be about time to start thinking about a few new starts...

We did make it up to WI last weekend (and had a great time) but I think I'll hold off on pics until next post hopefully sometime before TUSAL:). Happy stitching until then, I'm off to try to get in a few stitches before its time to go pick up Josh. Daycare is offering swim lessons this week. He seems to like it but I'm not sure how much progress he's made, seems to be a bit timid in the water so far. Oh well, guess we can't all be fish! The soccer group seems to be more his speed so far. Whatever makes him happy as long as he finds a constructive place to direct all that energy.


Hayley said...

You have some big and beautiful projects underway. Great progress and I can't wait to see them appear before my eyes!

Marcy said...

Everything is looking good! You got lots done.