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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! It was a busy couple of days but I think everyone had a great time. We started the weekend with Josh's Christmas program at daycare.

Christmas program 12/23/11

The kids were absolutely adorable and we were very proud of Josh- he made it past us without crying to sit with Mommy and Daddy when they walked in, he sat pretty well through the singing, and he sang some of the songs too:) Pretty good for a first time performer!

Christmas Eve and Day were kind of a blur but we did manage to snap a few pics during Christmas morning presents...

Christmas morning 12/25/11

Presents 12/25/11

More presents 12/25/11

The first is probably my favorite, I love that big "Cheese!" smile we get out of Josh when he's in the mood. He was very happy with his presents and is still discovering new things he forgot he received in the frenzy of gift opening. As you can see, Santa brought a tool bench this year so I'm sure my little handyman will be fixing many things for me in the coming year.

Santa was pretty good to me too this year and brought some things I had asked for like gift cards and chocolates and one big surprise in the form of some lovely diamond stud earrings. Definitely unexpected but appreciated and they haven't left my ears yet:)

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday out of the year, not so much because of the presents but it is the one holiday that we don't run around like crazy people to multiple different family events. Especially since we've had Josh, our policy has been to stay home on Christmas Day so that we can have some time to enjoy the holiday and Josh can have fun with his new presents. It means we host the holiday dinner but the work is worth the end result even if I did overcook just a bit this year. Oh well, guess that means I don't have to cook this week and I can catch up on all the other stuff I've been neglecting like stitching and playing with Josh and his new toys:)

Oh, and I haven't forgotten the last TUSAL post of the year, just haven't had time to get the picture taken yet. I will try to get that up tomorrow.

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Beth Pearce said...

Cute pictures. We made the same decision when our oldest was a year old, and everybody has been coming to our house ever since - 38 years - LOL!