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Friday, February 04, 2011

TUSAL and a giveaway update

The lighting's not great but I did get pictures for my February TUSAL update. Thanks again to Daffycat for taking over this fun, but totally useless SAL:)

TUSAL 2/11

TUSAL 2/11

Being one of those that doesn't empty til the end of the year, I didn't start from scratch this time but my cup is starting to fill up quite nicely. There are a bunch of blues and greens on the bottom of this month's addition with plenty of pink and purple on top, all from the Hydrangea Pillow. I think I'll stay with it awhile longer, I'd really like to finish it this year. By the way, it's one of the many Donna Vermillion Giampa pillows that have been published in Just Cross Stitch magazine. I've admired them for quite awhile but just recently actually started stitching them. I did the Pumpkin Patch pillow last year as a gift for a family friend that painted Joshua's room for us. This one though I originally picked because it reminded me of my great grandmother's house and the hydrangeas she had growing in her front yard. At first I thought I might give it away when it was done but the other day I realized that the day I started it was the same day we had our court hearing in Russia to finalize Joshua's adoption. This round is the first time I have touched it since I stitched on it in Russia and I guess I had forgotten that I started it on that particular day so I think I will keep it as my own special treasure instead.

And a giveaway update- we have winner #1, Lindsay whom I just realized I know from the BB world. Congrats and welcome Lindsay! If you would yuku message me your address (Rxlady) or shoot me an email at sarajorgensen @ yahoo . com (minus the spaces of course) I'll start putting your prize together.

And welcome to all the other new followers and those just finding me too. For winner #2, let's do something everyone can participate in. Leave a comment on this post and I'll put all the names in a hat and let Joshua draw them out next Friday night. Both prize packages will contain some stash and possibly something hand-made so they might not go out quite right away but hopefully you'll find them worth the wait. Thanks for playing and happy stitching!


Ziggyeor said...


Congrats to your giveaway winner.

Lesleyanne said...

Your Tusal looks great. Congrats to Lindsey.

Deanne J said...

Congrat's Lindsey. Your TUSAL is definately growing.

Jo said...

That's a really great reason to keep that pillow. Now I know it's the same range as the lovely pumpkin patch pillow you did last year I'm really tempted to hunt down the magazines... because of course I don't have enough stash!!

Beth said...

I didn't remember the pillows in the magazine, but I sure do love your Pumpkin Patch Pillow. Congrats on your TUSAL.

Karin said...

Great start on the TUSAL - and congrats to Lindsay!

Daffycat said...

Awesome TU update, Sara!

Midge said...

I just found you through daffycat's blog. Many congratulations to winner #1 and good luck to the next.
Your TUSAL is looking great.

Fidget said...

Greetings from a fellow TUSALer. I just happened in from looking at It'sDaffycat's list of participants and was attracted to your blog name. You had me at flamingos! I'm in Tennessee but my heart lives in Florida. ;) Keep up the good work on the TUSAL.