WIPocalypse 2012

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow, some hydrangeas, and a giveaway

So we're smack in the middle of the path of the giant snowstorm that is currently plowing through the middle of the US. It started snowing and blowing yesterday afternoon, making driving home fun last night but also causing a state of emergency to be called all around us which makes me think it must look worse than my yard out there so no school or work for much of anyone around here. It just so happens that we were both off today anyway but we're definitely not going anywhere. We'll be doing some shoveling, maybe a little cookie baking later. Definitely some stitching:)

2/2/11 Snow

2/2/11 More snow

2/2/11 Even more snow

As you can see, we've gotten a decent amount of snow, not the most I've ever seen but the drifting is causing some major problems. We go from almost bare ground to 2 ft or higher drifts in our yard. Thankfully I also have tomorrow off so if they're wrong and things don't get better we'll just stay home again tomorrow too.

On a brighter note though I finally got the Hydrangea Pillow over to the scanner. I'm really excited to be done with the blue/green bunch in the middle of the bottom and have moved on to some really bright pink ones in the corner.

Hydrangea Pillow 2/2/11

Oh, and one more thing, it's been forever since we've done a giveaway around here. I'll make you a deal- looks like I'm at 27 followers which I think is awesome, let's get it up to a nice round 30 and I'll think up a prize for #30 and some other lucky winner.

Have fun and keep warm out there!


Jo said...

I am shocked an appalled that I wasn't an official follower... consider that sorted now ;)

Love the hydrangeas - who is this by? I'm sure you must have said, but I'm too lazy to hunt back through previous posts. The colours are absolutely fabulous - I wish I could grow ones like the deep blue-purple, but our soil here creates pinky red ones :)

Beth said...

Love the stitching, and I hope that you are/will be dug out soon!!

Emily said...

Very beautiful stitching project!! The snow looks very cold!!

Thank you for comment on my blog!! I joined your blog and look forward to getting to know you!!

Anonymous said...

The hydrangeas are beautiful!

Look like you pup enjoyed the snow.

Lindsay said...

That's alot of snow!

The pillow is looking fantastic