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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Russia Trip- Part 4

So we had a pretty nice weekend. Got to go out to dinner with both sides of the family at different points over the past few days so that was nice. We're in the starting phases of planning for Joshua's baptism and an open house afterward on August 22 and got some of the basics set for that so I'm feeling good there. And I finally got to work on a project that's been bugging me for a couple years now- the photo albums. Before we got a digital camera we of course printed all the photos we took and them promptly stuffed them into a large cardboard box which after 6 years of marriage is now overflowing and has been for a couple years. Not that I'm adding to it anymore, just been ignoring it. I'm happy to say that about half of the photos are now in albums and the other half will hopefully join them in the next week or so. Oh, and I almost finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which I've been seeing so much about but for some reason wasn't interested until I picked it up at B&N a week or so ago. I love it! And I really love that I'm not working right now otherwise the nights I've stayed up untli midnight reading would have killed me at work the next day. But back to Russia for awhile...

6/1/10-6/4/10:There's really not a whole lot of exciting stuff to tell in this period of the trip, at least not for our family. We mostly hung out with the three other families in region and watched two of them go through the process of bringing their children out of the orphanage which ended up being quite helpful as you'll see. We walked around and shopped a lot since the weather was nice. We found quite a few grocery stores as well as children's shops, a mall, and an electronics store in our wanderings. We took on the Russian custom of daily grocery shopping and wandered out to the store at least once a day for more bread, sausage, ramen noodle, or sometimes an ice cream. I got lots of requests from our family for pictures of what it looks like to walk around in the streets of Russia so I'll share some of those I took while we walked and out the windows of our hotel rooms...

Walking around the region 6/10

Walking around the region 2 6/10

Walking around the region 3 6/10

Sights from the region 6/10

More sights from the region 6/10

We actually did get to visit a couple of times once our son was moved to summer camp. His orphanage has some property out about half an hour to an hour's drive (depending on which hotel we were staying at) out in the country and it really was beautiful out there. During the first visit we had there the staff was still cleaning and moving things around so they asked us to play with the children outside. It was very nice except that it was mosquito season so we got eaten alive that day!

Outside at summer camp 6/10

Outside at summer camp 2 6/10

All of us at summer camp 6/10

Joshua's ready for a nap 6/10

Summer camp playhouse 6/10

Inside the playhouse 6/10

The summer camp was located near the top of a huge hill (especially to this Indiana girl who lives in flat land!) and the driver stopped on the way home part way down so we could all take some pictures. There were a lot of people who had built their own summer homes on the hill and plenty of them were out doing yard work and getting their summer gardens ready.

The scenery at summer camp 6/10

Scenery at summer camp 2 6/10

The road to summer camp 6/10

More on the road to summer camp 6/10

More scenery around summer camp 6/10

And more scenery 6/10

I suppose I ought to leave it here for now. It's getting kind of long and the next part of the story takes awhile so that'll be next post.

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