WIPocalypse 2012

Monday, February 01, 2010


So today's been a pretty good day considering it's a Monday. First off, our adoption paperwork is arriving at the adoption agency so that it may be shipped to Russia. That one pesky document is lagging behind a day but no big deal. Work wasn't too crazy. And the best part-

Stash 2/1/10

The first part of my SB&B birthday/Christmas money order arrived. I'm still missing 2 pieces of fabric, one from SB&B and another from House of Stitches but hey, I could potentially have a new start tonight if I wanted. I admit I'm torn. I really want to stitch Poppy but I also want to try to beat my record from last year's Stitching Olympics over at the Wagon where I've entered the Long Jump challenge for fun. Perhaps Poppy will be my reward for a job well done come March 1, perhaps she'll just be a Monday night treat tonight.


Christine said...

Great new stash, Sara! I have Poppy as well and would love to stitch her but I have a few other things I need to get done before I start her.

Missy Ann said...

Nice stash. I own two of those and want the other two. :)

Cheryl said...

Fun stash! I think those fairies are wonderful. I vote for the new start, but then I'm evil like that. :D

Jo said...

lovely faries! I'd start Poppy. She's lovely!

Karen said...

Oooh-la-la!! Look at all that yummy stash!! : )