WIPocalypse 2012

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Just got word from the adoption agency today- the documents are now on their way to Russia. My Mom thinks that means we'll be getting a call tomorrow but I'm hoping for something toward the end of the month, expecting nothing at least March. We'll see.

And I was a good girl, sort of. I did work on my Stitching Olympics piece last night but was in the mood for a new start this morning. Didn't have a piece of fabric that quite suited Poppy so I ended up starting Donna Vermillion's Pumpkin Pillow from one of the old JCS issues. I've had it kitted and lying around for awhile now. I'm planning on doing it as a thank-you gift for the lady who painted the baby's room and wanted to give it with a Russian souvenir from the baby after we get back. Thought I better get going now that the paperwork's done again. It'll help the time pass and keep my eyes from falling out over all the over one stitching in my HAED piece for the Olympics.

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Jo said...

sounds like a lovely project (and a great gift) - can't wait to see pics. Hope the paperwork gets sorted really quickly now