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Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Goals

I know, I know, I'm a little late but hey- it's still January! So here are my ambitious goals for last year...

~Finish Noah's Sub
~Frame Noah's Sub before the baby arrives
~Finish TW's Nativity
~Frame Nativity
~Finish Santa's Magic
~Frame Santa's Magic
~Finish Skeleton Crew
~Frame The Lord's Prayer piece I finished a few years ago
~Finish ornaments with at least one new technique- flat ornaments!
~Finish QS Believe (HAED/Jessica Galbreth)
~Finish 3 full pages of Dragon Moon (HAED/Lisa Victoria)

~Lose 30 lbs- no, but I did lose 20lbs
~Paint front porch railings
~Paint front door
~Paint and decorate the baby's room before he/she arrives
~Plant grass around the back patio
~Plant more day lilies behind the garage
~Make two trips to Russia and bring our baby home- we were there twice but no luck so far

I actually accomplished a few of them and some of them I made progress on so I'm pretty happy.
I had lot of expectations going into last year and I guess one of the biggest things I learned over the course of the last year was to expect the unexpected. It has been a roller coaster of a year with some incredible highs and devastating lows. We lost my grandmother in March and our adoption referral in October (he's fine, we just weren't able to adopt him) but on the other hand we gained Luke, my cousin's son, in September. Erich and I were able to travel to Russia twice and see some amazing things there in addition to meeting two wonderful children. We're both employed and healthy. I've stepped down from my stressful management spot and into much more enjoyable floater position. Overall, it's not been the best year but we still have a lot to be happy about and we're trying to focus on that. So I guess I'm going to try not to expect big things from myself this year but there are some things I'd like to do...

~Start L&L's Celtic Autumn
~Start Watergarden
~Start Nora Corbett's Poppy
~Finish something for every start I make
~Finish ornaments with at least one new technique

~Lose 30 lbs
~Paint the front porch railings- some year this is actually going to get done!
~Get some more flowers for behind the garage
~Organize the computer room/office
~Have a yard sale and sell off some of the excess stuff we've collected
~Get back to Russia and bring home our son

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what 2010 brings. Hope everyone is having a good year so far.

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