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Friday, December 04, 2009

TWCOE ornaments

Now that they've been received by their new owners I can show off my TWCOE ornaments for this year. I did two- one of the squares from Teresa Wentzler's magazine design, A Touch of Holly, and one out of the JCS 2009 ornament issues and that one was the cardinal from Miss Crescent's Crowne (at least I think that was the designer, tossed my working copy already but will try to look that up again).

TWCOE ornaments

The cardinal is on my list to do again for Erich's grandma as are several others for Christmas presents this year. I'm hoping to get some serious stitch time in on all the flights during our Russia trip. We'll see.

Speaking of the trip, we're getting close! This time next week we'll be doing the final packing and getting ready to leave the dog at my Mom's. And then it's off to sunny Siberia, at least that's what I'm telling myself. The current weather forecast says otherwise but I'm doing my best to ignore the negative temperatures. And the forecast of snow, snow, and more snow and then maybe a little blowing or drifting snow just for fun. I like snow for Christmas time and everything but I'm not so sure about this much yet. I'm sure there will be new Russian adventures to share when we get back.

In other stitchy news, I did indeed finish the cross stitch portion of Kaleidoscope this week though not until Wednesday night so a little later than planned but not too bad. I still have to add the backstitch and a couple specialty stitches but that'll have to wait until the Christmas presents are done. I'll try to get a pic up before we leave. If all goes well I'll be picking up my framed L&L Celtic Noel and TW's English Garden Welcome from the LNS next week so I'll try to get those up too in all the last minute trip chaos.

Take care and think of me when you see snow!

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Missy Ann said...

So exciting gearing up for another trip. It'll be a good story - really how many people do you know that have been to Siberia in winter?!

Both your ornies look great. That little bird caught my attention this year too. Alas I seem to only stitch for exchanges and keep so little for myself.