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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time Well Spent

Vacation has gone by way too fast but overall it has definitely been time well spent. I've been able to spend time with family, decorate and prepare for two holidays (yes, my Christmas lights and decorations are up and I even have a few gifts bought!), get travel plans going for our upcoming trip to Russia, and even get some stitching in.

Thanks very much for all the adoption encouragement and kind words, they do mean a lot and I can't wait to finally get there and meet the sweet baby we've been dreaming about. As much as I don't want to get too attached, it's too late but we hope and pray that everything will work out just right this time and we'll have our little guy home by Easter.

And as I said I have been stitching too, 12 little sections are all that is left to fill in Kaleidoscope. If iTunes weren't downloading and I wasn't lazy I'd get a pic up today but they are and I am so I probably won't get one up until tomorrow or so. I'm still aiming to finish the cross stitch portion before I head back to work on Tuesday and since it's a miserable, rainy Sunday afternoon I just might make it as long as I don't get sucked back into the iTunes store. We splurged a bit and are downloading some new TV shows and music to take to Russia with us for the flights and the sleepless nights that we know are coming. Not that we're especially nervous or anxious but shifting 8 time zones the first day, then 4 more the next day, then 4 back two days later and finally 8 back to get home tends to wreak some major havoc on my sleep schedule. At least this time we know to go with the "I'll sleep when I'm tired and eat when I'm hungry" attitude and won't try to force ourselves into the local time zones except for baby visits of course. Those top any need for sleep or food and will not be missed under any circumstance:)

Off to stitch now, be back soon with a finished Kaleidoscope pic. And by the way- 2 weeks from today we'll be landing in Moscow!

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