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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Jungle HD

Things have been a little busy over here so I'm a few days late in posting but I finally finished, framed and gave away the birth announcement I've been working on for my cousin's new little one...

Jungle Birth Announcement

She was very happy with the surprise gift so that makes me happy too. Design is by Bucilla with many modifications from me.

In other news, I started my new position at work this week. Right before the adoption went crazy I had decided to step out of my management role at work early and into the full-time version of the floater position I had been planning to take post-adoption. After the loss of our first referral I decided to keep with the plan of changing over early so I started that yesterday and I love it so far. The driving isn't always so fun but it is refreshing to work with so many different people and really feel like I'm helping out. Less stress is a big plus too and it gives me something to think about other than the adoption.

Speaking of, no new adoption news but the last update still said that they expect all of us waiters to travel in December so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for now. We're still working on a name for this little guy. I know it sounds early but we have to declare a new name for him on the first trip so we've got to get going!


Missy Ann said...

The jungle turned out great! I like the frame, it's something I would pick.

And speaking of something I would pick...

John Wallace

lol... & fingers crossed

Cheryl said...

Oh, nice finish on the jungle. Like the frame.

Names? Well as I've got BDB on the brain right now, I'm not sure you want me to make suggestions, LOL. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you spend a cold December in a far-away place with a very warm heart!