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Friday, February 13, 2009

Has it been a week already?

I guess so, don't know where it went though. The past week has been a blur of preparation for the adoption and trying to keep work happy and 3 days of jury duty thrown in just for fun.

No new word from the agency yet, we're still waiting on the medical info though we've been very busy getting other things ready and getting stuff ready for the trip so hopefully we will be at least a little prepared when we get our travel dates. The family is very excited and very anxious to meet the little guy. Thank you for your good wishes here too:)

Jury duty was interesting. I'd never been before and I have to say it was a learning experience. I was #12 in line at the selection so I was in the jury box on the first pass and never left. I honestly thought they were going to toss me out either because of the adoption or my age. The defense tried to argue that the adoption would create "mental static" and for whatever reason everyone near my age got thrown out. They kept me though and I am glad I was able to see how our legal system works. It was interesting to talk to the judge and lawyers after the trial was over (they visited us in the jury room after the verdict was read). They were more than happy to answer our questions, some of them that they'd been unable to answer during the trial. It was strange to see them without their "game faces" on. They were very grateful to us for coming out and being attentive through the trial. Apparently there are a lot of jury trials in our county and it is sometimes hard to get jurors. I would do it again if called.

Unfortunately stitching was at a minimum this week. I did get the last of the animals on the deck of the sub filled in and backstitched but that was about it. Noah's actual sub is now pretty much complete, just sky and I think a bird or two to fill in now. I'm getting there!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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