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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And now we wait again

Heard from the international doctor today and it looks like our little boy is as healthy as we can hope for. She said that she found nothing that would cause her to have reservation about his health at this time so we signed the papers to accept our invitation to travel and now we wait to receive our travel dates so we can go meet him! Last time we talked to the coordinator she estimated that we would likely travel around the last half of March to early April but since this is taken care of we're hoping for a little sooner, yesterday would be nice but I'll settle for more toward the middle of March:)

Checked out the weather for the region we'll be traveling to and was pleasantly surprised to see that the current 10 day forecast is for temps running from around 10 degrees F to about -10 degrees F. Now for those in warmer climates I know that sounds rather chilly but a few weeks ago it was more like -10 to -30 so I'm a happy girl right now. Hopefully the warming trend will continue and maybe we'll see a balmy 20 degree day. It could be much worse, at least we're not traveling in January.

In stitchy news, Noah's Sub is getting closer and closer to being finished. If all goes well I should be able to finish off a good chunk of sky this weekend and then there's just a bit of backstitch and bunches of french knots. Maybe a little sparkle around the bubbles if I get ambitious. I'll try and get a pic up soon.

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Jo said...

so pleased to hear your little boy is healthy. Goos luck with finishing Noah's sub - I can't wait to see your HD photo!!