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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring is here!

We've finally got some Spring weather! It was near 60 today and should stay that way at least for the next week or so. I peeked at the flower beds this morning after walking the dog and it looks like the little animals in my yard didn't eat all the tulips I planted this fall since I see little green tips poking out of the ground so yay for that too!

Between the nice weather and my nephew's birthday and getting ready for Erich's graduation and the candle party I'm having next week there hasn't been much time for stitching so no new pic yet but I have picked up QS Believe again and am slowly working my way through some of the background. Not sure how much stitching time I'll have this weekend though. I think Erich and I will actually have the weekend off together and so far we have planned to take Leland to a baseball game. We're going to a "Bring Your Canine to the Cove" day at our local minor league baseball stadium. A work friend of Erich's is supposed to meet us there with his dog. Not sure how much of the game we'll see but the tickets are free and it should be fun.

I did take Celtic Christmas over to my Grandma's house to show her and she's quite pleased with the results. She showed me the spot on the wall she picked out for it and can't wait to get it framed. I'm just glad she's happy:) Thanks for all the compliments on this piece, it really was fun to stitch even though the beading seemed endless for awhile.

Hope everyone else is enjoying some good Spring weather too!

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