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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Work has got me so frustrated at the moment over something that should really be a very simple matter handled at the store level that I almost can't see straight so I've decided to bring you an SBQ and take a moment to breathe-

12/31/07: Do you do anything special to your threads before putting them through your fabric to make them more manageable?

Well, for threads that might be difficult to manage like Kreinik braids or the DMC metallics and such I like to run them through Thread Heaven. It seems to tame them a bit and make them easier to work with. Thread Heaven has made all the difference in the world with the #4 Kreinik braids in Santa's Magic. I've found though that I don't even need Thread Heaven with Rainbow Gallery's Petite Treasure Braids so I may be switching to them for my metallic needs in the future.

For regular DMC and other cottons and silks the only thing I do is to cut my length and then pull each strand that I need out separately to let it untwist before I pair it back up with a second or third strand to thread through the needle and stitch.

Thanks for the comments on the new template! I was browsing the site for fun a few days ago and happened upon this particular one and it just seemed perfect:) I guess I'll have to find a new pic for my profile now. Let me know in the comments if anything seems out of whack or difficult to read. I'll probably tinker some more today.

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