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Friday, January 04, 2008

Puppy + Snow = Fun

Or at least that's what the dog thinks, but more of that in a minute. Anyway, the holidays are over so hopefully I'll be back to some semi-regular blogging. Things are quieting down around here. I'm starting to get all the holiday stuff put away and awaiting the arrival of our living room furniture. I called the furniture store since it has been about 10 weeks since we heard from them and apparently our order is finished but sitting in the warehouse in Mississippi, awaiting the truck to bring it to us. They're not quite sure when the next truck is coming but they'll call when they find out. Sigh, I've waited this long so I suppose another week or two won't hurt. I am looking forward to curling up in my new comfy chair in front of the fireplace (which now works!!) and stitching the afternoon away.

But back to the dog and snow. Poor Leland didn't get to see much snow last year. He was born at the end of January and sure we had snow, but only a few inches at a time. Over the last week however, we've gotten dumped on a couple of times and now we have real snow- as in up to my knees in some places.

1/2/08 Our winter wonderland

The dog was a little confused about this fluffy white stuff all over the ground the first time we let him out in it but he's come to love bunny hopping around the yard in it and munching on it to the point where it's hard to get him back inside sometimes. There are a few spots where hopping is about all he can do too as the snow comes all the way up to his belly. There are a few spots that have drifted badly enough that he almost disappears behind them, all I can see is tail and a bit of his back. He's a happy puppy though!

1/2/08 More Leland in the snow

1/2/08 Leland in the snow

That's all for now. I've got some stitchy stuff to share next time.

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Christine said...

It looks like he's having a blast, lol!!